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With a video bridging service at its core and a skills base drawn from experts from all facets of the industry, World Video Link understands video users.  We meet them face to face every day.  Their cares and concerns are ours.  


We know we are a unique organisation, offering a “best-of-breed” service, since we view video conferences and court video links in exactly the same way as a regular face-to-face meeting.  The technology and telecommunications will be made to seem irrelevant – each delegate or witness will be able to simply walk into a room and see and hear the other delegates, with personnel in non-video locations able to join the conference by audio on a regular telephone line.  


Help is always on hand to answer questions or provide assistance either to a live video conference or in preparation for one.


Irrespective of the delivery mechanism we will ensure that your meetings happen on time every time; everyone’s available technology performs to its maximum and you get on with your business. World Video Link recognises that every client is unique; every meeting or court video conference is unique, and we will do as we have always done: solve any problems and make the video conference happen, on time, every time.


Video conferencing hotline

          +44 (0) 1635 276067

Email us at  

         [email protected]

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