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World Video Link is committed to providing a video bridging and court video conferencing service that ensures your video conferences and court video links are as simple and as natural as possible. Just as we do not ask for complicated forms with endless technical details during the booking process, we will make the meeting as trouble free for you and your participants or witnesses as a face to face meeting.


There is no need for you to calculate time zone differences; the Reservation Service will do that for you.


There is no need for you to dedicate your own valuable time to setting up the videoconference or court link; we will do that for you and the meeting will be connected and ready to start when you are.


There is no need for you to take a list of international video and contact telephone numbers to your meeting; we will have all the information and will have exhausted all possible avenues to ensure your video conference is ready to begin on time.


There is no need for you to undergo lengthy technical training on the video equipment; we will manage everything remotely so that you can concentrate on the business in hand.


There is no need for you to worry about the video conference running over – we will extend the service for as long as you need to and will only advise you if a site is due to take part in another meeting.


Video conferencing hotline

          +44 (0) 1635 276067

Email us at  

         [email protected]

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