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Meeting set up

The video bridging services team require a short set up time to confirm that the details registered with us are still correct and that there are no operational issues with the call.  


World Video Link will take responsibility for all operational issues, regardless of their origin, in addition to carrying out audio and video checks with each location as necessary. If a video conference unit is switched off, we will make every attempt to reach someone at that location to have the system switched on.  If the video conference room is busy, we will attempt to locate an alternative room or connect the participants via audio.


Our full range of technical resources is at the client’s disposal throughout this time, with the sole objective of gaining the best quality per location in preparation for a prompt meeting start time.  If there is a network issue, we can use an alternative carrier; if there is an interoperability issue, we will swap that site to an alternative video conference bridge; if there is a technical problem, one of our highly skilled technicians will intervene and resolve it.


Whoever we have connected, whatever the issue with any site yet to be connected, you are never left in the dark.  Throughout this process, information can be relayed to you via a live audio link.


We will go to any length to ensure the video conference starts on time without disruption to the participants.