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Fully Managed Service

World Video Link recognises that a Multipoint video conference or court video link is only as successful as each of the elements it comprises.


We can guarantee the success of our video conferencing bridging service, but what about the other elements such as the quality of the video conference equipment, the service level of the maintenance contract, the calibre and knowledge of on site support technicians, the attention to detail of new installations and room design, room hire for locations with an ad hoc requirement for video, system hire and event management for your large scale, high profile occasions?  All of these aspects combine to affect the quality of your video conference or court video link and the value you can extract from your investment.


The failure of any one element impacts at least one other, so World Video Link offers you a single point of contact and assume ownership for all aspects of the video conference and its environment.


Through our network of ‘best of breed’ partners, we will define the optimum service to meet your needs. The integration of all elements of the video conferencing service provide you with a single, seamless, high quality service and provides us with a framework to do what we do best even better i.e. make your video conferences or court video links work.


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